Known for her passion of fashion, beauty and culture ,Jahnet has been rocking the Atlanta Fashion Scene with her original designs since 2012. Her commitment to remain unique, affordable and different has continued to gain Jahnet notoriety in an industry known for its fickleness.

Jahnet was born in St. Croix USVI and spent most of her childhood attending dance classes . Her aspirations to be a dancer and her love for costumes laid the foundation for Jahnet’s creativity, which is evident in her designs. At the age of 12 she would hand sew dresses and enter neighborhood pageants.

In 2003 Jahnet took up Fashion Design and Merchandising at the Katherine Gibbs School in New York City which she stopped attending after just one semester to accept, a job as a makeup artist .Which only added more fuel to her creativity .

What would soon become known as Jahnets trademark look began its formulations here: Sexy silhouettes,contouring ,unique and most importantly culturally inspired. Jahnet’s Closet, both the woman and the label, is constantly moving forward in the fashion industry with no signs of letting up anytime soon. Her love of fashion and beauty is evident in everything she does in life and business.

As stated by Art of the Cloth "The pieces are loud because they speak so much! The pieces are bold because they mean so much! The designer is confident because her work embodies so much!" - Reed Leo